Hermetics retreat in Costa Rica with Vaillant

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A Path towards Self-Realization

Many of us wake up in this world understanding life is so much grander than we could ever imagined. We also feel intuitively our own divine potential as we embark into the spiritual path. However, the road to heaven is full of pitfalls and traps. As seekers of the truth, the Hermetic Academy is a wonderful resource to help us advance in our journey, offering both knowledge, guidance and new connections to bring us further in our goal of self-realization that benefit all. 

Hermetics Foundation Practice

Vaillant has a unique background to support students of hermetics. He teaches the first 3 levels corresponding to “Initiation into Hermetics” from Frank Bardon. These are the foundations of the teaching that all students need to master to progress safely. Vaillant moved to Costa Rica in 2020 to create a community called Thélème, as a new model of society for the New Earth. It provides a beautiful and angelic setting to practice hermetics close to nature  with like-minded individuals.

The hermetic retreat includes:

  • Pick-up and drop off from San Jose airport (SJO)
  • All meals, mostly vegetarian
  • Morning practice including physical and stretching exercises followed by meditation
  • Mindfulness exercises connected in working the land and taking care of animals
  • Daily healing sessions
  • Customized assignments tailored to each student 
  • Soul mirror to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses sorted by the 4 elements
  • Walking meditation in the national park Bosque del Nino
  • Fun activities with the community

Live from the Heart

Manifest your Life Purpose

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